proposal Paris

You think it was a proposal on a private boat tour in Paris ?

This was not a proposal on a private cruise in Paris Cecile wanted something surprising on a private luxury boat on the…

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diner privé croisière paris

Our boat ? a private barge ?

Elegant, very stable thanks to its 12 tons of steel, we can dance, welcome grandmothers and babies on board for a…

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croisiere luxe paris seine

This is not a proposal on a private Seine boat tours …

A proposal in Paris ? why not taking her on a private and luxury boat tour in Paris. You could have a dinner during the…

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croisière péniche privée paris

The statue of Liberty

A short guided tour of Paris: the Statue of Liberty was offered by France to mark the bicentennial of the independence…

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To each his own cruise

A family outing in Paris that everybody can enjoy !

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Cruise in Paris for homeless people

We wanted to share this luxury moment of a cruise on the Seine river with those whom life has not spared.

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She had just turned eighteen…

To be 18 years old in 2021 in the middle of the Covid epidemic is not easy...

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