A short guided tour of Paris: the Statue of Liberty was offered by France to mark the bicentennial of the independence of the United States.

On the day of the inauguration in New York, Eiffel, the architect, was present, as well as the boiler workshop that cast the statue, a company from Lyon. An essential element of the success of the work but nobody pays attention to him…

How to catch the attention of these Americans? Mr. Gaget, the owner of the boiler works, asked himself.

He made dozens of miniatures of the Statue of Liberty made. At the inauguration, everyone asked for this little object. The first promotional object in history!

Did you have your “Gaget”? the guests asked to identify the thing.

With an American accent, it sounds like a “Gadget”. This word became part of the marketing vocabulary in French and English!

What discoveries during a cruise in Paris!