n the following general terms of sale, the following definitions are used:

“Seine Privée” refers to the trade name of the company SARL Cadoux and the cruise service delivered by the company.

“Client” refers to the client, a natural or legal person who contracts with Seine Privée.

“Service”, “Cruise” and “Service” refer to all the services provided by Seine Privée, in particular the cruise on the Seine. This also includes the restaurant services served on board the boat.

Seine Privée organizes a private cruise on the Seine in Paris on a small boat for a wedding proposal, a dinner, a brunch, a lunch, a cocktail, an aperitif. It is an original idea for a birthday party on the Seine, for a private boat tour on the Seine in Paris.

Seine Privée’s services consist in the organization of cruises on the Seine and its tributaries from the Ile de France or Paris. Depending on the options chosen by the Client, a catering service can be served on board. The occasions can be a lunch, a dinner or a romantic wedding proposal. The boat is small, always private, ideal for a trip on the Seine in Paris.

By booking a cruise, the Customer accepts without reservation the present General Terms of Sale.

Seine Privée declares that it fulfills all the legal obligations required for the transportation of people on the Seine. Seine Privée declares that it has taken out specialized civil liability insurance for the transportation of persons with the company Helvetia (contract number 17 0478 01).

Your cruise can be booked either by telephone on 06 71 02 38 60 or by e-mail contact@seine-privee.paris .

Seine Privée will confirm the availability of the crew, the desired time slot, any options chosen by the customer and the price of the service as soon as possible. The cruise is always private on a small boat for a dinner, a wedding proposal or an original birthday party in Paris.

The booking of your Cruise will be effective as from the reception by Seine Privée of the payment of 100% of the total amount of the Service. This payment will be made either by credit card via the link sent by e-mail, or by bank check, or by bank transfer to Seine Privée’s account, the details of which will be sent to you by e-mail.

In the absence of payment, Seine Privée cannot guarantee the availability of the Service to the Customer.

As soon as Seine Privée receives your payment, we will send you an e-mail confirming your reservation and specifying the meeting point for embarkation and disembarkation, the number of people on board and the skipper’s contact details, who you can contact for any further information you may require.

The number of passengers can be modified up to 48 hours before the date of embarkation by email. For a wedding proposal, a romantic dinner, a lunch, a brunch, a cocktail or an aperitif, you will board a small private boat in Paris on the Seine.

The boarding on board will be done only if the totality of the service is paid by the Customer. It is recommended to pay for the cruise before the boarding date. Otherwise, payment will be made at the time of boarding by credit card only.

The price of the cruise includes the privatization of the small private boat on the Seine in Paris for your cruise, a skipper with the required qualifications, the necessary fuel, and the services defined in the chosen service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional request that could satisfy you.

Transportation to and from the boarding location,

Any parking fees,

All services not specified in the confirmation email of the Event.

The cancellation of the cruise must be received by email at least 48 hours before the boarding. In this case, Seine Privée will refund the entire amountt to the Customer.

Beyond 48 hours before boarding, the payment of the Services is not refunded.

The request for postponement of the cruise must be received by email up to 24 hours before boarding and must specify the new date and time desired by the Customer. Beyond that time, the postponement is considered as a cancellation and the payment will not be refunded to the Client.

The postponement of the cruise can only be done once. Subject to the availability of the boat and the skipper, the Seine Privée team will confirm by e-mail the new date and time of embarkation for the Cruise.

In case of unavailability, the Customer’s request for a postponement is considered as a cancellation and no refund will be possible.

Seine Privée is subject to the rules of navigation on the Seine imposed by the authorities who can prohibit at any time the circulation of boats.

Seine Privée reserves the right to decide at any time whether or not it is possible to navigate on the Seine, in particular for safety reasons, damage to the boat, in the event of non-payment or in the event of bad weather endangering the safety of passengers.

In this case, Seine Privée will propose a later date for the cruise. In the absence of an agreement with the Client, Seine Privée will reimburse the Client the sums paid without any other compensation.

The interruption during the cruise by the will of the Customer will not give right to any refund or compensation.

Seine Privée organizes a private cruise on the Seine in Paris on a small boat for a wedding proposal, a dinner, a brunch, a lunch, a cocktail, an aperitif. An original idea for a birthday party on the Seine, for a private boat ride on the Seine in Paris.

The customer is responsible for any loss or breakage he/she causes during the cruise. It is the Client’s responsibility to replace or reimburse the lost or broken item belonging to Seine Privée.

The Customer declares to be in good health to participate in the cruise.

Seine Privée declines all responsibility in case of loss of an object belonging to the Client and fallen into the water.

The Customer commits himself to scrupulously respect the orders and all the safety instructions requested by the skipper.

Any claim must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 15 days after the date of the cruise to the following address Seine Privée- Cadoux – 5 avenue André 92420 Vaucresson

The Client must arrive at the boarding point at least 15 minutes before departure.
Any delay by the Client will be deducted from the cruise time.
Minors on board are under the responsibility of the adults accompanying them,
Sorry for our favorite companions but Seine Privée does not accept any animals on board,
The maximum capacity on board the boat is 12 people plus the crew.

For any dispute, the parties agree to submit their differences to the Commercial Court of Paris.

SARL Cadoux 5 avenue André 92420 Vaucresson registered in the Nanterre register of companies under the SIRET number 48126437200022.